Randomize - Smart Lamp

  • Ion Lucin Randomizes light, to give us an ambient, alluring lighting with hes Randomize Lamp.

    In static mode, we can conserve the light randomized feel, to create spaces of attention which
    are well lighted,  dark and negative spaces, or transitional lighting, to paint the room with light.
    In  play  mode,  the  randomized feeling of the light is increased,  since we can enjoy an  ever 
    changing, traveling  light.  Thanks to the customized controls,  accessed from  the Randomize 
    lamp App, we can change the Look, Speed, Brightness, Contrast, Scale and even color of the 
    look  we  desire.  We  can go from an contrasted, fast moving lighting,  to  a slow and sowing, 
    gentle lighting, or to a static but colorful light set up.

    With just a single click of a button, you can randomize the look of your lamp, or you can choose
    to  create your own,  personal look,  which you  can later  on  Save and Share with  other lamp 
    owners, through the App.

    The lamp also features a color mode,  in which you can go from a simple white  light source,  to 
    any other color you can desire, from the App customization controls.

    The Ion Lucin Randomize lamp, will be available in 3 different diameter sizes, 30, 50 and 70 cm, 
    and also these sizes are available in 3 different resolutions / led light count,  162,  362 and  812. 
    This way you can chose the perfect size for your desired interior,  and the right amount of lights, 
    depending on the look you are looking for.

    Create your own lighting with Randomize lamp.