COLLIDE // Design Conference Materials

  • Brief //
    The project was to design the conference materials for a hypothetical or actual design conference.
    Objective //
    I redesigned the materials for a design conference called "Collide" held in Canada but I changed the venue to San Francisco, U.S. This conference is a creative technology conference where students, aspiring professionals collide with best minds in the industry.
    Design //
    I redesigned the materials for this design conference keeping in mind the target audience and the venue location. My design approach was around shapes and elements colliding at varoius points to find new shapes and possibilities in digital design.
    Deliverable //
    Promotion Poster, program guide, Website, App, name badge, conference signages
  • This project is created as a part of GR 601 Type System class for Graphic Design Graduate School of Academy of Art University. Some of the content of this work may have images and resources from internet. The copyright of those elements belong to the original authors. This project is only for academic and noncommercial display.