Randy Couture Xtreme

  • Randy Couture is a living legend.  He’s an MMA World Champion and a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.  Like us, he was considered to be the underdog, but nothing could keep him down for long.  Having dominated the mixed martial art scene as a champion in two different divisions (and being the first fighter ever to do this) he’s currently retired and has set his sights on a different target—the film industry.  Now a recognized actor with his own line of clothing and sporting equipment, he reached out to the team at Smash Urban Media to help refine his brand and his website.
    The challenge was to give the website a fresh look by choosing a minimalist design and creating a better UI/UX that showcased his talent as both a fighter and an actor.  While enhancing the responsiveness of all features of the website and ensuring compatibility on all devices and platforms, we also added various forms of digital media, including video, to complement fun facts and history about his dual careers as well as his online store to promote his clothing and sporting equipment brand, Xtreme by Randy Couture.