Bárdenas Reales of Spain Map

  • This map of Bárdenas Reales desert in Navarra, Spain was hand-painted as a reminder that while remoteness may be considered bland, beauty exists even in isolated or desolate places. This map design was completed with creative contribution from Laura Levadoux of France.
  • Below is the completed Bárdenas Reales map, followed by a look into the creative process behind this piece..
  • Once essential elements of the area & constraints were determined, I began sketching the regional features in pencil
    Painting Vedado de Eguaras - a lush area full of greenery contrasts the surrounding arid land, making it a virtual oasis - for the map mock-ups
  • A completed mock-up of Vedado de Eguaras and surrounding area
  • Painting the stream beds - which only channelize water during intermittent season rainfall - for the map mock-ups
  • A completed mock-up of Bárdenas Reales Natural Park & surrounding area
  • A collection of the Bardenas Reales map mock-ups featuring a variety of features distinct to the badlands region
  • Close-up view of Embalse del Ferial on completed map
  • Aragón River - a tributary of Spain's Ebro River - from a close up view of the Bárdenas desert watercolor map painted to emphasize the richness found in desolate terrain
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