EFMN "More Common Than"

    Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota
    Lead Design, UX, Illustration
  • In the crowded non-profit world it's hard to make a single cause stand out. And that job is even more difficult when that cause involves a misunderstood, stigmatized symptom like seizures. The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota partnered with us to create an awareness campaign that illustrated the prevalence of seizures, in an effort to inspire people to want to learn first aid. 

    We decided to concentrate on statistics - common occurrences that, when broken down, are actually less common than seizures. To bring some energy and optimism to a serious topic, I created custom illustrations to accompany the powerful headlines.  In doing so, I was able to capture the personality and joy that the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota brings to all those they impact.

    It resulted in a record number of visits to the site and increased conversations around seizures. 
  • Visit the live site at efmn.org/4steps

    Created at Solve
    Copywriter — Janelle Erickson 
    Design Director — Nick Smasal