You Are Beautiful Art Book

  • This Project was a Collaborative Effort
    STUDIO: Firebelly | DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller
    CLIENT: Matthew Hoffman + You Are Beautiful

    2012 marked eight years of collaboration between Matthew Hoffman and I. It also marked a decade in which Matthew had been producing work under the the moniker of You Are Beautiful. During my time at Firebelly I had the honor and pleasure of collaborating with Will Miller on the direction, design, and production of Matthew's book, A Decade of You Are Beautiful. Printing was done in the United States by formidable Art Book production house The Avery Group at Shapco Printing.

    Copies of the book can be purchase on the You Are Beautiful site.
    You Are Beautiful is the sticker/art project of Matthew Hoffman that spread across every continent. While the original silver sticker remains the centerpiece, since 2002 large scale projects have been taking place internationally including massive murals, public installations, gallery shows of every size, and interactive exhibitions.

    For over a decade, the artist behind the message remained anonymous and its intent unknown. One part retrospective artist book, one part motivational-manifesto, and another part how-to for the artistically-inclined, the book served as an opportunity for Matthew Hoffman to take ownership of the project while honoring its many collaborators and inviting others to participate.
  • The ten-chapter layout follows the key motivational take-aways that the artist himself follows. Each chapter is led by a spread comprised of boisterous typographic compositions designed to capture the spirit of the community and message.
  • The chapters themselves are a curated travel across the ten years, 100,000-plus images of documented works, and every Continent. All brought together through the voices of both the artist and the many participating supporters.
  • Project Deliverables: 
    Branding, Research, Content Strategy, Creative Direction, Book Design, Page Layout
    This Project was a Collaborative Effort:
    STUDIO: Firebelly | DESIGN TEAM: Nick Adam + Will Miller
    CLIENT: Matthew Hoffman + You Are Beautiful