La Roche Library Website Re-Design

  • The La Roche Library Website, used by students, faculty, and librarians of La Roche College, is full of useful information. However, it is outdated. Research helps pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of the site so it can be re-designed with users in mind.  Research conducted includes stakeholder mapping, user testing, interviews, observation, and competitive analyses. Site maps and wire frames are created next, and finally the website is hand-coded with Sublime Text 2, CSS3, and HTML5. The site is responsive, includes extra features and is easy to navigate.
  • Current La Roche Library Website
  • Site Map
  • Hand coded HTML5
  • Re-Designed Home Page
    This homepage design is less cluttered than the current live version. It contains only essential information needed by students, librarians, and college faculty (access to E-books, Journals, EZ-Borrow, and book catalog, library contact information and quick links for mobile users). The navigation has been simplified.
  • Re-Designed News Page
    The library site is a great portal for information. This News page has been added to keep students up-to-date with current events. Here students can view global, local and trending news articles.
  • Re-Designed Research Page
    The library Catalog, Journals, E-books, and EZ-Borrow Databases are all contained on this page. View the different  databases by simply switching to another tab. This is a major improvement to the old site which has the databases in various locations.