• Crew Members
    Internal Communication 

    Connie Fort is a Captain (CPT) for FüssenAir. She pilots the Embraer 190. Ask any crewmember what they miss most, where they would love to be, and their most memorable meal. Chances are the answer will be home. CPT Fort goes above and beyond to make her crewmembers feel at home. To do this, she cooks, and she cooks well. Schedulers at FüssenAir have a problem—everyone wants to work with CPT Fort. At FüssenAir, that’s a good problem, because if our crew is happy, so are our customers. If you have any questions about these recipes, contact CPT Fort cfort@fussenair.com. On behalf of everyone at FüssenAir, enjoy. 
    All recipes are sourced from www.allrecipes.com. This publication is a student work of fiction.