Balance Bar: Ski Resort Poster Advertising Campaign

  • Balance Bar  

    40-30-30 Nutrition Energy Bar. Discover nutrition bars made with a deliciously perfect ratio of carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat. It's what you need to feel good today and tomorrow.

    Have you found your Balance?

    The goal of this project was to drive awareness among the target audience with an integrated sampling and media campaign, reaching leisure enthusiasts in a region with heavy nutrition bar consumption and where Clif Bar dominated the category. Print and digital media were placed throughout the resorts, including chairlift towers, ski and snowboard racks, lift line and digital fixtures, information boards, digital advertising fixtures, and transit ads which connected with consumers as they traveled throughout the resort villages. 

    I designed this national ski resort campaign with 238 on-mountain media placements at 14 US resorts. I used bold typography, dynamic photography, and a bright, complimentary color palette to ensure it would stand out, particularly against the largely snow white backdrop. The campaign captured interest and resonated with key consumers for record-breaking results: 42.1% shift in likelihood to purchase, with 72.8% extremely likely or very likely to purchase. It was a big win for Balance Bar, as surveyed consumers found the advertisements significantly more memorable than any other year.

    Outdoor Advertising Campaign  |  Print & Digital

    Shown are multiple print and digital poster ads displayed throughout ski resort and local transportation.