• The Challenge
    Established originally as a printing company, Trabon had evolved and in the late 90's introduced an innovative enterprise software division. The division called Trabon Solutions helping propel business further as companies turned to on-demand printing and asset management tools. However, the Trabon Solutions group had splintered under different leadership and was wanting its own unique identity. Each division had its own website, marketing and operations. While they lived under the same roof and shared a common logo, they operated, acted completely different. We were brought in to analyze and consult on a potential new brand identity. 

  • Definition and Strategy
    In order to assess the situation we conducted almost 50 interviews among the internal stakeholders and customers. We wanted to understand the internal vs. external perceptions and define potential opportunities and challenges with various brand positioning strategies. In order to align both the Printing and Solutions sides, we conducted some Vision Workshops. These were helpful to visually show the dissonance between the two divisions. It also served to highlight the common ground. In the end we realized there was more potential for both divisions under a united brand identity as well as savings with marketing efforts. Visualizing the scenarios as shown above was critical in this conversation and decision-making process.
  • After developing the Brand Strategy Platform and Roadmap, we created mood boards. This helped guide the decision-makers to an aesthetic that addressed the goals of the project. The selected aesthetic mixed an established and sophisticated business style with a men's fashion feel.
  • The Results
    The end result is a unified brand, with a system to communicate Trabon's various services. The target audiences remain the same. By involving all stakeholders throughout the process we were able to avoid derailment and ensure wide adoption throughout the organization. We created an internal launch strategy that included a presentation/video. This helped explain the change to everyone from programmers to pressmen. The end result was a sophisticated update to the brand identity, a consistent communication system and reduced marketing costs. By simplifying under one parent brand and pooling marketing efforts.​​​​​​​