10th Circle Beer

  • Introduction
    The 10th Circle is upon us! Inspired by Jodi Picoult and the references to the classic tales of Dante’s Inferno and the nine layers of hell. The tenth layer being a state of mind is the perfect concept for an edgy new brand identity.
  • Mission Statement
    If we cared about what you thought of us then we would ask what you thought of us, But since we do not care what you think of us we do not ask what you think of us.
  • What the hell does that mean?
    Our mission as a brand is to provide an edge that will keep us ahead of all competitors. We want to capture that rebelious spirit that keeps us moving forward. Our beer is made with an attitude and it is not tolerable to the weak minded. Beer drinkers will experience a new sense of confidence when standing in any room. They will not seek the approval of others for they can stand strong on their own two feet.
  • Packaging Illustrations.
    The packaging design consists of collage work I created from Gustave Dore 150 year old Illustrations of Dante's Divine Comedy.