CreativeMornings – Empathy

  • CreativeMornings is a global breakfast lecture series that currently runs in 120 cities around the world. Every month they invite an illustrator to illustrate the theme.
    “Empathy” was selected by my home chapter in Phoenix. With the theme in mind, I wanted to portray and evoke the growth and connectivity involved with “empathy”. I’ve personally found that empathy fuels connection and I’ll quote Steve Jobs on this, “creativity is connecting things”. 
    Therefore, emphasizing the connections within the script was crucial to the overall design. Various color schemes were developed before ultimately selecting the red/pink hues to evoke the “heart”.
  • Initial Sketches - Getting the Ideas Out
  • Direction Chosen - Finalizing Sketch / Making Refinements
  • Vectoring Process Begins - Making Corrections on Printout
  • Final Artwork Developed Alongside the CreativeMornings Team
  • Header Image via the CreativeMornings Website
  • Alternate Color Scheme 
  • Lettering by Scott Biersack
    Art Direction by Vince Joy & Tina Roth Eisenberg
    Photography by Brian Dunham
    Printing by Mama's Sauce