Logo redesign for Alt Dente Studio

    THE CORE Redesign the logo for Alt Dente Studio. The company is a small award-winning photo studio based in Montreal, Canada. Currently Alt Dente Studio is doing 50% food photography and 50% food branding, but in the future they are aiming to increase the photography part. Their work are characterized by lots of ideas and creativity. The new logo does not have to resemble their old logo.
    CUSTOMERS & COMPETITION The target customers are in the food, wine and liquor industry – from local stores to large industrial companies. Their competitors´ branding are pretty strict, none of the competitors have a dynamic lettering logo. In fact, Alt Dente Studio see themselves as a sort of a punk alternative to their larger competitors more slick approach.
    THE BRAND Alt Dente Studio´s core values are quality, fun, audacity (i.e. boldness) and friendly.
    USAGE The most important use of the logo will be on their website. The logo will also be used on business cards, studio door and wall, promotion stuff as t-shirts, etc.

    / SOLUTION /
    KEEP THE SOUL The visual expression goes hand-in-hand with their work and their core values. The quality factor is very important for the customers of Alt Dente Studio,  hence a lot of time has been used to craft the small details of the logo, to make it a top quality logo. Also I wanted to make sure that is a inviting logo that welcomes you. Therefor the lettering has a balanced friendliness, yet keeping it bold and keeping it real to the soul of Alt Dente Studio.
    READABILITY The logo is carefully designed to make it legible in very small to large sizes. Tested in tiny versions, in print and web mockups, and in large printed scale too.
    STANDS OUT The lettering of the logo differentiates Alt Dente Studio from their competitors. The dynamic lettering signals creativity and a different way of thinking as compared to their competitors.
    SEE IT LIVE Go visit www.altdente.photo to see the logo in use. 
  • Above. A starting point in the process is research and mind-mapping.
  • Above. Some initial sketches. 
  • Above. Some refined directions.
  • Above. Final sketch for the chosen direction. 
  • Above. Inked version. 
  • Above. It´s all in the details. Six printed slightly different versions of the logo. 
  • Above. Double-checking the logo in tiny sizes. 
  • Above. Doing the final touches in Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Above. Rounden up the corners of the sans serif characters to suit the dynamic lettering of the other words. 
  • Above. Final logo (inverted version). 
  • Above. Final logo (regular version). 
  • Above. Final logo applied on award-winning photography by Alt Dente Studio. © AltDente.photo

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