• If you’ve watched a music video anytime in the last five years, you’ve probably noticed it playing on Vevo TV, a digital music video channel (formed with the star power of two major record labels - Universal and Sony) that is now branching into original programming. Vevo came to us to develop two new show packages and a handful of bumpers that captured the channel’s clever, bite-size energy and tone.
  • Show Packaging
    Show and Tell features an artist giving viewers an inside look on the music video creative process. We developed a concept that gave a playful nod to annotated director’s notes.
  • Bandmates features two or more bandmates quizzing each other, old school game show-style. We created a package that referenced game shows of the past with a bright, fun, and friendly modern twist.
  • Bumpers
    Bumpers are fun. Especially with a client like Vevo, who totally embraced the slightly-weird-but-definitely-entertaining concepts we pitched. We ended up with two interstitials that can best be described as eye snacks, and a backup folder of some of the weirdest stock video footage on the planet.