Yards Brewing Company Website Redesign

  • This past month, for my Graphic Web Design class at school, we were tasked with finding a company or business, located locally in an area that we would like to work in after graduation, and redesign their website. In addition to the front-end design development, we learned the proper way to code the back-end of the site using HTML and CSS. Since I'm from New Jersey and looking to move into the Philadelphia or Chicago areas, I decided to go with Yards Brewing Company, a family favorite.
  • With a multitude of awesome handcrafted ales and limited edition brews, Yards has a lot to offer the community and surrounding areas. I visited their website and read all about the awesome things they do for the community. They donate nearly a hundred thousand dollars annually to the local areas with both their financial resources and the ales themselves. Yards is also environmentally conscious and is specifically focused on the dwindling bee population. You can read more about their goal of starting 20,000 bee-friendly gardens here.
  • For the website redesign, I wanted to give the site a modern, simplified feel to let the photography and ale labels be the main focus. I chose a minimal greyscale color scheme to avoid competing with the colorful labels which allows the viewers to easily see the many different options.
  • For the "Home" page, I wanted to feature the Yards logo and a featured image of the ale barrels to showcase who the company is, even before the viewer enters the site (left). There are also featured events (right) just below to direct viewers to upcoming shows/events that are related to or happening at the brewery.
  • Also featured on the "Home" page is a small summary of the Yards Bee Garden project (left). The contact page (right) features all of the important contact information like emails, numbers, and address in one place for easy access.
    For the "Ales" page I displayed all of the brews that Yards has created in a grid system, organized by categories ranging from seasonal, to the 750ml series, to everyday signature ales.
  • The "Brewery" page (left) features a synopsis of Yards philosophy of who they are as a company. It also features a section dedicated to the entire crew that works at Yards; complete with mini biographies and fun facts! 
    Other pages include the new "Events", "About", and "Store" pages which are currently under construction.
  • Finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to Gina Vasoli, the Deputy of Art & Marketing at Yards Brewing Company, for suppling me with all of the Yards imagery, logos, and labels that were used on this redesign.
    Thanks for checking my project out, hope you enjoy it!