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    I wanted to create a co-sharing office for freelance creators as I felt it was a disadvantage not being able to actually have an office and interact with other creators. I wanted to create a compact office to lower the running cost and to support other creators. As for the visual identity, I was inspired by the office plants: a minimal and clean, yet practical interior.

    This is a unique design that unites spatial design and identity. It all started with a plan to renovate a former coin-laundry into a co-sharing office specific to creators. The concept being; simple and minimal yet practical interior, and using green (plants) and off-gray (concrete) in a practical manner. I began with the naming of this space. The fact that I renovated a former coin-laundry and that designers clean various complicated problems in life, I decided to name this office, Laundry.

    In the future, this office and its identity will be used for a cafe, or an event with talk shows and work shops. The office itself can function as a medium, which will enable creators to come up with a new business opportunity, or simply a space that can connect people. As it is a small and low cost office, another advantage is that it is easy to realize ideas.

    I needed to create a visual identity that matches with the interiors of this office. I applied condense fonts as it is easy to read and recognize, and it also enables me to use the white-space.

    By adopting condense type of identity, I also applied it to the primary font which will suit any other key words or business form the office may encounter in the future. An identity which is more "a minimal and clean, yet functional interior."
    The people that wanted to use this office consisted of creators that use print media, so together with an architect, I visited numerous offices and architecture that was graphic designer friendly. One detail we adopted was using a wire and pulling a desk rather than using any legs. This also came from our core concept and as a graphic designer we needed a clean space without any unnecessary information. As a result, the brand identity also adopted a simple and clean yet functional design.
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