Exhibitor Guide, Postcard, & Show Guide Ads 2015

  • PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, commissioned me to design their Exhibitor Playbook and Customer Invite Program postcard for the third year running. These pieces were for their 2015 annual PACK EXPO/Pharma EXPO. This year's theme was "classy Vegas." I custom-illustrated the sign and poker chip elements for the whole piece, and made sure each spread was unique and inviting while still being part of a clear template. I then carried that design over into the postcard design advertising their Customer Invite Program for exhibitors. Both designs were extremely well-received by my client and their exhibitors alike.
  • After the success of the Exhibitor Playbook and Customer Invite Program, I was hired to design PMMI's ads for insertion in PACK EXPO/Pharma EXPO's Show Guide. The scope of the project changed several times throughout my involvement—some departments had hired other designers for their ads without realizing I was already contracted to do so. This meant that there were two sets of copy and ads at one point. The team leader and her supervisor were enthusiastic about my branding tying the ads together, and thus I was tasked to incorporate aspects of the ads I didn't design to fit into the template I'd created to make sure PMMI's representation in the Show Guide was cohesive.
    The Show Guide is spiral bound, and I wasn't privy to the layout of it to know where the ads were going to be placed. My solution was then to create two versions of each ad: one with greater margin on the left in case the spine were on the left, and one with greater margin on the right in case the spine were on the right.