Brand Development—Greige Menswear

  • Greige Menswear Company
    Brand Development: Logo Design, Stationary System, Print Collateral and Website
  • The first clothing collection for this small menswear start-up was based on the migrant workers of the 1930's Dust Bowl Era. I worked with the founders of Greige to come up with a hand crafted, rugged brand image.
  • Labels were custom made for a hand-sewn, vintage look.
  • Marketing collateral was printed with a slightly washed-out sepia tone on natural and kraft paper for a worn, rugged look.
  • Business cards and hangtags were printed on jacron—the same material used for Levi's denim jean labels—and then washed to reinforce the vintage, laid back quality of the garments.
  • "Partnering with Rob to help launch our menswear collection was one of the best decisions we could have made in our early start-up days, we still keep in touch for other projects that come down the pipeline." 

    -Cory Gomberg, Founder and CCO of Greige Mfg. Co. and current CCO and Principal at Voodoo Mfg. Inc.
  • The branding and packaging design for GREIGE has been featured in Computer Arts Magazine along with other publications and blogs.