Lettering vignette for King Magazine

    Joakim Kullberg, Art Director at King Magazine, one of the largest magazines for men in Sweden, needed a vignette for a food recipe in their guide pages. This vignette will span over four issues of the magazine. Joakim was unsure of which style that suited the visual form of King. So I started with exploring some different directions. After finding a suitable style of lettering, inspired by my previous project Bukowski quote-poster, I refined it and scanned it into the computer. I then traced it and re-drew it from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. After setting the ground I added textures to get the right feeling. I am really happy with the outcome of this vignette for King Magazine. 
  • Above. The refined sketch for the final vignette.
  • Above. Abandoned direction. 
  • Above. Another abandoned direction.
  • Above. Final vector vignette (inverted). 
  • Above. Final vector vignette. 
  • Above. Close-up of the final printed vignette. 
  • Above. The cover of the King Magazine. No 11 2015. 
  • Above. Learn how to create the perfect pasta with Stefano Catenacci. Happy reading!. 


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