Demi Lovato Website Redesign (Front End)

  • This past month, for my introductory web design class at Full Sail, I was tasked with choosing a website and redesigning the front-end user experience. Being a fan of Demi Lovato, and with her releasing a new album, Confident, this month; I decided to redesign her website to match the branding of this new era of music. I decided to use the same typographical and visual elements that were incorporated into her album booklet and marketing throughout the web. I wanted to give visitors a site that would let them¬†explore, learn about Demi, and purchase merchandise directly from the site. I redesigned the front end of the Home page, the Updates page, and the Store. It was a lot of fun getting to work on a project that included one of my favorite musical artists as well as my favorite type of design.
  • The Home Page
  • The Store
  • The Updates Page
  • The Home Page (Mobile Version)