The golden sphere is the recurring theme in the video. The initial image of the trajectories that are seen under the Felina represents a metropolitan landscape and then move on to this world which is the most animal element and soil (cow picture) Then there is water with fluids in evolution to get to organic elements.
    The ball is enclosed by an ovoid element but unable to get because its nature is free. The sphere is transformed into an organic structure that goes to wrap a dark planet and thanks to this golden grid is released the element of fire and light. Each line of fire and light contains the illuminated points and each point represents a new golden sphere.
    It passes by a black background and all the small spheres are recomposed into a single gold ball that makes up the zipper pull. The ball is turning and it's frozen The ball decides the laws of gravity. The blue world builds organic lines that become animated white lines that sweep away the elements that they find. Purple blue skin is bag’s skin but is also the woman's skin.
    Then we discover a crossing of identity: we are admiring the Elena Ghisellini handbag or the Elena Ghisellini woman? Here tips the world of physics. The Ghisellini woman got rid of all the particles purple. (Subliminal message: mini frame/bag in the eye)
    She is the bag an unique thing, a totalizing representation, pure fusion. It closes the loop of the bag that comes back to the initial image blue beginning of the video.