A F E A
    Afea is a leading Australian health care provider, offering skilled nursing, personal care, rehabilitation and therapies to people of all ages. Afea is passionate about care and offers personalised solutions tailored to individual needs, and aims to provide support and understanding during difficult times. Afea was founded with the idea to innovate the health care industry and the new brand needed to reflect their identity. 
    The new logo captures the vibrant, sophisticated feel of the Afea brand. The logo is soft and flowing, correlating with the polished, nurturing nature of the company, and a subtle ‘water droplet’ feature also indicates natural elements. The logo is created with custom typography, based on the familiar letterforms of Times New Roman but the serifs have been softened, the tails on the letter a’s curl into a charming little point, and the characteristic ‘droplets’ add intrigue whilst also giving fluidity and a unique touch.
    Firm: DC Strategy  |  Strategy: Daniel Vacic
    Art Direction & Design: Marianna Orsho  |  Brand Voice: Steph Underhill