Hand-drawn typographic cover for Magasinet NEO.

    Lina Högberg, Art Director at Magasinet NEO, wanted a hand-drawn design for the cover of this years 4th issue. After initial discussions I was given pretty much free hands to create a totally hand-drawn typographic cover. My initial focus was to find a suitable style. I researched a lot to find the right type of lettering and the effects that I wanted. The chosen lettering style suited the vision of the magazine and also has a subtle familiarity to the NEO logotype. I started drawing the main headline. Next step was to find a good layout and create the hierarchy between the main headline, its subheading and the smaller headlines. To avoid the cover to be cluttered I used four fixed sizes of letters. I also added some suitable illustrative elements to fill the blanks in the cover. To highlight the main headline even more I added shadows, etc. Lina came up with a rough color scheme that I implemented. The background has a subtle gradient and a combination of different textures in order to give it more depth. All type was initially hand-drawn by pencil and then refined digitally. For the printed cover the headlines are covered with UV varnish. 
  • Above. Sketching the main headline.
  • Above. Rough sketch of the complete cover. 
  • Above. The final printed vector artwork.
  • Above. Closer look. 
  • Above. The cover on the shelf at the magazine store. 


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