Gemini Journey "Here There Be Dragons"

  • In 2015 co-creator Yesenia Carrero and I were hard at work on Gemini Journey, a comic about a bubbly Atlantean who stumbles through life and early adulthood against a backdrop of daily magical mayhem in the contemporary other-world which she lives.
    We created a series of comics to find our footing with sequential art and engage readers while we wrapped up concept and scripts. We intend to take what we've learned from this project and create the first long-form story arc in 2016.
  • At the end of 2015, we released Here There Be Dragons to our social media in multiple parts every Friday for four weeks. The comic features Gemini and her elf friend Veil dealing with a dragon in their apartment. Each panel is an individual, click-able image on most of our websites and are viewed together in vertical format. These design choices are for ease-of-reading on different web and mobile devices. In 2016, we plan to experiment with side-scrolling.
  • Each panel is lovingly drawn in a collaborative effort between the both of us. I (Tracy MacLauchlan) thumbnail and rough the panel, plan the shading in Photoshop, as well as provide some color direction. Yesenia Carrero then renders the work and creates the lettering in Illustrator for our crisp, vector style.
  • Rough panel by Tracy MacLauchlan
  • Final rendering by Yesenia Carrero
  • The comic was done in panels such that it can translate easily to any media, including print, as shown in the book version above.
  • Our earlier test strips show growth as we figured out our process and in what ways we wanted to collaborate. We try to strike a balance between efficiency and our artistic vision.
  • Thanks for reading! You can follow our project as it progresses on our Facebook and Tumblr.