New Orleans with Neenah

  • New Orleans with Neenah

    Neenah Paper's Map of NOLA for AIGA's 2015 Conference
    An illustrated neighborhood guide of the Big Easy
    About New Orleans with Neenah: After the successful completion of the Atlanta maps component for Future Classics, Neenah Paper wanted to partner on a similar map for the city of New Orleans as a promotional piece to hand out at the 2015 AIGA conference. This printed fold-out showcases creative and inspiring restaurants, shops, bars, music halls and parks around five neighborhoods in the city to get conference attendees excited about exploring NOLA during their stay. The back of each map highlights two items with more detail – especially in terms of the conference's theme of "revival." The last feature is a special interview with local artist and designer Alexa Pulitzer on revival in New Orleans beyond just rebuilding; she speaks to the city's creative community experiencing a renaissance.
    About The Project: The map is a five-panel, fold-out, printed communication piece. Each panel also has a perforated edge along the fold, so that users can separate out a single neighborhood into a 5"x7" print or postcard in order to frame or give someone. I chose the neighborhoods that were closest to the conference center, and took small liberties in where to draw the neighborhood divisions and groupings. For each map panel, I polled New Orleans locals and friends, as well as inclusions based on my own travels, and scoured local blogs for other good tips.
    The map was a hit at the conference. Neenah's team said that attendees were already asking for maps of more cities, and that NOLA locals commented on the accuracy of the way things were represented, and expressed a positive surprise at how many "little gems" off the beaten path were recommended.
    Client: Neenah Paper
    Marketing Communications Manager: Sarah Baker (Neenah)
    Art Director, Designer, Illustrator: Russell Shaw
    Copywriters: Sarah Baker, Russell Shaw, Alexa Pulitzer
    Artist Interview: Alexa Pulitzer
    Print Production Manager: Carrie Otto (Neenah)
    Printing Partner: Fey Printing (Special thanks to Scott Gasch and Paul Siekert)
    Printing Specifications: A 2/2 print on Neenah CLASSIC CREST® Cover AVON BRILLIANT WHITE 80C (216 g/m2) 11 pt, Stipple