3 2 GO!

  • The Challenge: Design a quick-serve chain kids’ meal package. 

    The Process: 3•2•Go! is a smart and efficient fast food package that contains a sandwich, a side and a cup of beverage. As a team, we analyzed our audiences and competitors, finding existing problems and figured out solution in our design. Based on the concepts of the food pyramid and the triangular structure, we explored naming and branding opportunities. Considering kids’ needs, we developed a market scheme of stimulating kids’ creativity.
  • The logo comes from 3 items contained inside the package, and the idea of food pyramid.
  • Structure features:

    1 Middle wall between sandwich/ side and beverage that keeps temperature of each items. 
    2 Locking the beverage cup when it is transported.
    3 Shipping flat.
    4 Using as serving plate.
    5 Unlimited possibility of secondary usage.
  • Marketing features:

    Encouraging kids to create their own box design by providing non-toxic crayons. Not only allowed kid's to spread their creativity visually, but also encourage them to explore the function of the package practically. By resue the main structure, it not only achieve the sustainable goal, but also educate children while playful.
  • Also, by introducing other materials and color, the package could be adapted to adult audience when apply different graphics.