Portable mobile chargers are a dime a dozen. They come in all shapes and sizes, but there is nothing quite like Puku.
    Puku is a beautifully designed mobile charging device by the New York-based company with the same name that is revolutionizing the portable chargers industry with exceptional quality products. The team consists of experienced innovators and trendsetters in the field of fashion, arts, engineering, finance, marketing and mobile technologies. It’s the first mobile charger that incorporates a sense of style and superior design that reflects New York City’s iconic culture — a fashion-forward charger that the user can pull off just as they would an accessory.
    The team first tapped Squat New York with nothing but a simple idea — they wanted to change the way people charge their mobile devices. Inspired by the blackout that occurred in New York City following Hurricane Sandy, it immediately gave the founders an idea that living without power in the 21st century is unimaginable and impossible in every way. A need for a more advanced charging device emerged, and that was when the big idea was born. With that in mind and no name, logo, or product model, they set on a quest to find a partner to work with to realize their vision. The projected launch date was set and we had to move forward with the design and create a full brand identity around it. These 2 main tasks were interwoven and we started with one to move on to the other. Everything was flowing naturally together as the ideas progressed, and we finally began to sculpt our vision into the final form. Our first step was coming up with the name. We decided to use Puku as both the brand name and logo for the device were inspired by the wild African nature. Pukus are small but powerful and fast breeds of antelope that survive in the savanna grasslands and some of the harshest regions of Central and Southern Africa, mostly in Tanzania and Zambia. Known for excellent survival instincts, Pukus are able to survive in extremely wet or dry weather conditions. They also live in high altitudes in order to escape floods. The iconic animal perfectly embodies the core features that the product has to offer — strong, durable and majestically beautiful.
    Our design team created a magnificent brand identity to accompany the name — a brand identity that truly expressed Puku’s strong majestic features. In keeping with the brand identity, we made a series of shapes to create a silhouette of a Puku as their logo. Its big horns and long majestic features perfectly fit the product. We kept the shape simple and the design very sleek. The design of the product was born with the original direction of something bold but still in the area of simplicity. The geometric shapes and clean lines were a direct translation of our intended message. We chose to launch the new brand and product line with a strong statement by selecting a vibrant yet stylish color palette. The Puku charger was painted with soft silk-like texture to complete the upscale look. The silk line, curves, sharp edges and thin white power light were all carefully crafted to match the overall look and feel of the product. With this idea, we wanted to create the first charger that would rub shoulders with the fashion world. Once the product design was completed, we moved on to the packaging design. We designed a package that would give the stage for the product to shine by itself without clutter. We also paved the way for the company to take a big step forward by designing a completely responsive and stylish website to showcase the products and introduce it to the market. The goal was to promote functionality while still displaying the aesthetically pleasing elements of web design — but most of all, the chargers had to steal the show.
    The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary. The fashionable chargers were featured as an endorsement at the notorious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, capturing fashion bloggers’ attention from all over the world. Puku has received favorable reviews from tech-savvy first-time users, earning a five-star rating on Amazon with mostly positive feedback. The line is now available at major clothing stores around the United States, such as Urban Outfitters.
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