BMW C600 promo site with video

  • Our brief was to show new limited edition of BMW scooter from all sides, plus to draw attention to its main features, as well as to get to user emotional perception through carefully crafted mysterious atmosphere full of expectations.
    Foundation was simplicity: if we have to emphasise scooter's details — we will do exactly this. For that we build 180 degrees cyclorama and film the span camera around the scooter.
    Then we split this span into takes, and on each we tell about one emphasised feature with nice close up video. Afterwards you are taken to online shop of a local dealer.
  • My role in this project:
    Director, UI designer, art director

    Dmitry Petrov, Cristina Kopitina

    Production team:
    Prohor Maklakov
    Vladimir Ushakov
    Nikita Schukin