HELIO III Design Studio Branding


    Helio III

    Helio III is a brand new design studio focused on quality branding projects.

    The naming was chosen because of the helium 3 elements which has the
    particularity of being composed of 2 atoms and 1 neutron, same as the creation
    of the studio when one double and one designer joined their forces.

    The helium 3 is a very powerful element speaking about energetic possibilities,
    but is hard to get, you have to go outer space to gather it in proper amounts.
    But once you have it you are ready to FUEL YOUR FUTURE.

    It is all about the humanity and their wish to go further, it is all about the
    humanbeeing itself, it's all about us and our goals. We get to the Moon,
    and now we are mining at Mars gathering helium 3.
    ../ end of transmision.