Los Dos Chinos™. Restaurant Branding.

  • LOS DOS CHINOS™ Coffee Shop Global Branding

    1862. City of Buenos Aires. Two men walk down the city’s cobblestone streets. They sell their own homemade food.
    Chacabuco & Potosí Streets. A new shop is opened around the corner. At the entrance, two Asian statues stand still. “Los Dos Chinos Corner” became popularly known. The handcrafted products are combined with a family atmosphere, that feels like home. 2015. City of Buenos Aires. A new image. A tradition shared through generation to generation. Modern Classic. 
    Branding project for Los Dos Chinos Coffee Shop and Corporate Image refresh based on the development of a new isotype and logo. The new Brand’s Identity was used in different items as a result of a 360ª project. The identity system represents the spirit of a traditional brand which incorporates a new modern-classic aesthetic. 

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