Bloom's Taxonomy Infographic

  • Multi-layered, infographic poster showing the clarity of concept of each project I completed over the course of two years, plus each project's associated Bloom's Taxonomies and AIGA Competencies. Each project is represented by a circular graph, where concentric rings chart taxonomies, "pie slices" show competencies, amount of blur relates to the clarity of concept and size changes based on my personal investment in the project.
  • The poster was printed on three different layers of vellum creating varying levels of blur between the projects. Projects on the top layer had the most clear vision from the initial research phase, while projects on the bottom layer (with the most blur) were hazy at the start, requiring more research, effort and exploration.
  • Projects are arranged chronologically and help chart my path from tackling the lowest taxonomies and competencies to conquering the higher levels of design thinking and problem solving.
  • Thank you!