European Press Prize Identity & Website

  • "Good journalism is one of the hallmarks of civilised society. Brave journalism keeps freedom alive. Inquiring journalism is essential in a flourishing democracy. And thoughtful, open-minded journalism helps bind people of different outlooks together."
    For the European Press Prize we designed a visual identity that reflects these ideologies and celebrates the diversity of languages and cultures within Europe. 
  • Celebrating the diversity of languages and cultures within Europe.
    The new visual identity celebrates the cultural diversity in Europe, and emphasises on the importance of free press as a cornerstone of democracy. By taking distinctive characters used in the many different European languages and combining these, a new unique and recognisable visual language emerges.
  • Winners certificate & Ceremony booklet
    During the ceremony in JP/Politekens Hus in  Copenhagen, all attendees were given a special printed booklet with the winning articles. The booklet was printed in only 2 colors: Gold & Ink Blue.
    The winners were awarded with a certificate of excellence in journalism. The certificates were screen printed in black and blue with golden accents.
  • The winners of the European Press Prize 2015 in Copenhagen
  • Showcasing the winning articles
    The winning articles are the artery of the European Press Prize and deserve to be presented in a grand way. With full attention to readability all winning articles are made available online in English, ánd in their original language to underline and celebrate cultural diversity within Europe. The typeface used to showcase the winning articles, Lava, supports all European languages with its different writings and diacritics.