Zacharias Abubeker

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    Zacharias Abubeker is an editorial, travel, and advertising photographer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Working in conjunction with AFP for publications such as the New York Times and Libération, he takes photos that capture the reality of life around him in Ethiopia. This action of capturing became the cornerstone for this proposed concept.

    Using technology from Adobe, we analyzed Zacharias’ pictures and captured the essence of their color, similar to the way his pictures capture the soul of the moment. The color palette for the identity is based off of the results of this analysis.

    Zacharias’ work was also analyzed through it’s physical aspects (still; on the cusp of action) and emotional aspects (personal; real; intimate). This informed us of typographic choices; Eksell Display—a strong, formal and modern typeface—for the logo, and GT Sectra—a lively, unique and raw typeface—for body copy and headlines. These typefaces, paired with the color palette and stark minimalism, create an identity that grabs attention and showcases pictorial work.