Entrepreneurial Summer School

  • Entrepreneurial Summer School Is an open source curriculum developed by Stanford University and is divided into three main units: Communication, Leadership, and Research and Action. In the Communication unit, youth develop interpersonal skills and use of effective group processes. Key skills include active listening, debate and compromise, decision making, and facilitation. 
    The skills, knowledge, and attitudes developed in this section help youth employ effective practices of leadership. In the Leadership unit,youth develop and deepen their concepts of leadership. 

  • Youth are supported in thinking critically about their personal leadership styles and strengths, while also  reflecting on the purpose of“leadership” in their lives and in their communities. Activities within this unit build on the norms, agreements, and decision-making strategies learned in the Communication unit. 

  • In the Research and Action unit, youth design and implement research and action projects. The sessions here draw heavily on the skills and concepts in the Leadership and Communication units and provide youth with practical forums for applying skills and concepts.  

    ESS is a Program that aims to help Youth to develop and foster their Entrepreneurial skills needed in their first steps into the startup world.

    The logo was inspired and reflected the main idea of the School that knowledge and the most important thing YOUTH.

    The logo was draw using the golden ratios.

    English typeface is Rounded Elegance

  • The LOGO
  • Logo in black

    It’s a youth and powerful color artistic presence for the brand.

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