Saaf Logo Proposal

  • SGBF
    is a Non-Governmental/ Non-Profit Organization, initiated under the power of appointment by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia instructed by Royal Decree No. 7095/mb dated 14-10-2010 (5-10-1431 A.H.) Inaugurated by the official patronage of Ministry of Municipalities & Rural Affairs sponsored by the Private Sector, in 2010 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2014 SGBF Trust Foundation chartered by Ministry of Justice court order number 35237726 dated 9-5-1435 licensed by Ministry of Commerce & Industry number 1010411041 dated 17-6-1435.
  • Original sketches
  • The two elements combined
  • Logo construction
  • bilingual options
  • SGB FORUM's Goals and Objectives:
    • Aid in the development of laws and regulations that promote green building initiatives in Saudi Arabia
    • Promote the comprehensive collection of standards and systems for green buildings in the Kingdom
    • Define Building Information Modeling based on Green Building guidance
    • Strengthen relations among industry stakeholders
    • Deliver information, analysis and insights through high-quality workshops
    • Promote Green Building concepts and identify positive policies relevant to Saudi Arabia and the region that preserves the urban heritage while incorporating new advancements
    • Build a cultural awareness of Green Building and sustainability initiatives
  • Patterns and imagery
  • Typography
  • Tablet applications
  • Thank You
    Abdullah AlKenani