Illustrations to become a better person

  • This summer I spent 10 beautiful days in Sardinia (Italian island); it was a very relaxing holiday in wich I did my best to improve my skills and find a personal style.
    I experimented with Memphis patterns and I undertook a "more pop" way to illustrate.
    I deci
    ded to post a different artwork everyday on Instagram to get feedback and be inspired by other users.
    This is the result, give me your feedback and stay hungry because it's beautiful!
  • Sliced abstract pattern
  • Prism and spheres
  • Sphere and pattern
  • Icicle in pattern
  • Geometric app game
  • Shipping ferry leaves the port
  • Alien's skull
  • Capsule in the open space
  • Trying to trasform the capsule into a space capsule
  • The Martian
  • NYC tribute
  • Night in the pool (inspired by David Hockney)
  • Girl comes out of the pool (inspired by David Hockney)
  • Mtv in Memphis style
  • Guy with Memphis pattern t-shirt at the bar
  • Self portrait
  • Touching nipple in Memphis polish (hand is inspired by Bratislav Milenkovic) 
  • Remember that you feedback is gold for me!
    Tell me what you think and follow me on Instagram