Grey Geeks // Brand Development

  • Objective /
    To identify a problem around us and suggest a graphic design solution. I selected a topic/problem, conducted thorough research to define the brand, created an identity and follow up materials like brochure, website, publication, app and promotional materials to finally summarize and document it in a process book.

    Approach /
    "47 % of seniors do not actively engage with the Internet.” New things can be confusing and even intimidating to seniors. My idea is to make their experience simpler and approachable. It is also a great opportunity for helping seniors who become victims of depression due to loneliness. Grey Geeks sees technology as a means to accomplish powerful outcomes, not as an end in itself. Grey Geeks teaches seniors how to use mainstream devices and applications that are popular among all age groups in order to promote integration and relevance. 

  • Poster Series_
    For the poster series I selected persuasive direction. I wanted to show the possibilities senior adults will achieve if they are better
    connected via technology. The primary intention of my poster series communicates the benefit of staying connected secondly how Grey Geek can help senior adults ease into technology.

  • Narrative Book Series_
    As a narrative deliverable I decided to design pocket book series as tech tutorials. These books are self help quick reference books. Each one covers three separate subjects; computer, internet, and networking. They are easy to use and easy to carry guide books for senior tech novices. An initiative by Greek Geeks to empower senior adults. 
  • Website_
    For the Website, I decided to divide into 4 parts; about, WebWise (tech tutorials), shop and connect. Besides introducing the organization, team and objectives the website aims to provide practice tutorials for tech novices (after registration), inform them about upcoming events and latest buzz in technology relevant to senior adults. The website also works as an online store for Grey Geeks branded products that can be bought by and for senior adults.
    I designed five screen. The first screen is the home screen. The next two screen are about the brand and the team behind Grey Geeks. The third is the tutorial video screen under WebWise and the third is the shop screen which displays Grey Geeks branded products.
  • App_
    The smart phone seems intimidating because of its several features, complex navigation and multiple touch-points. Grey Geeks app is a possible answer to that problem. Which simplifies tech experience for senior adults. I designed four screens to introduce the concept of this app. The first screen displays the brand or welcome screen. The second screen displays simple, large icons for each function. The third and fourth further explores the contact and connect function respectively. 
  • Process Video & Book
  • This project is created as a part of GR 620 Visual Thinking class for Graphic Design Graduate School of Academy of Art University. Some of the content of this work may have images and resources from internet. The copyright of those elements belong to the original authors. This project is only for academic and noncommercial display.