Proper Crook


  • Assignment:
    Create a restaurant brand identity and build a conceptual concept around a theme or time period.
    Proper Crook is a fictional community kitchen that serves as a restaurant and bar inspired by the Chicago Noir Era.
    The restaurant features a seasonal menu and is open for late lunch and dinner, extending into the late night bar scene.
    A classic typewriter treatment is blended with custom hand–drawn text, hand—drawn script and is paired
    with cross–hatched illustrations of proper crooks to highlight the vintage metropolitan mob lifestyle. 


  • The Specials Menu
    The menu was constructed horizontally to portray a line up of the Proper Crook weekly specials. Each menu item is communicated in a hand drawn-lettering, described in hand-drawn script, and is attached to its own illustration of a crook to mimic time period's chalk type and rap sheet information that came from a traditional line-up.
  • The Drinks Menu
    Featuring specials for the day, the drinks menu features closer mug shots
    of our proper crooks and is formatted to look like old vintage rap sheet.
  • The Crook Book
    To contrast the illustration aspect of the menu system, photography from old photos were worked into the design system
    within the cook book's layout. The typewriter typography was worked into the design continuing the ink and stamp
    effect. The cook book also features hand scripted notes from each chef for the recipe being portrayed.
  • Proper Crook Match-boxes
    The restaurant's promotional piece is a match-box set that act as collectable items. Each match-box features
    two crooks and information about the restaurant. When put together a line-up of our Proper Crooks is formed.
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    identity winner 2015, AIGA Flux student design competition