Kaleidoscope Infographic

  • For my Studio Maintenance class, I had to research and create an infographic for a design studio that I would like to work for, so I chose Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope is a Chicago-based design studio with other studios in both Europe and the US. They focus on rebranding and branding companies or individual projectsd from the ground up. Kaleidoscope prides themselves on looking at each project from the view of the client. This allows them to create something amazing every time.
    I started extending Kaleidoscope's brand by using their color sceme as well as taking inspiration from their website and respective assets. After about two weeks of researching, I created a mini style guide to help in the design and creation of the infographic
  • I also created an icon set for the studio's deliverables
  • and finally, here's the infographic!