Smothered: A Claustrophobe’s guide to understanding the fear of confined spaces
    Claustrophobia: The fear of confined spaces.
    Looking into the world through eyes of a Claustrophobe.
    The book illustrates Claustrophobia, fear of confined spaces through abstract visuals and experimental typography. It is a personal, first hand approach to understand what Claustrophobia feels like and how it is living the life of a phobic person. The book does this by sharing personal stories in a journal form. It also shares the clinical explanation of the phobia by sharing notes from the therapist treating the patient. By providing both the irrational and logical aspect of a phobia, I hope to make Claustrophobia understandable by the phobics as well as others and make it more humane.
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  • Hardcover with vellum sleeve
  • 01 Chapter Opener / Closing Walls