FMVII Kickstarter Video

  • This video was created in support of Fresh Meat Journal's Kickstarter campaign for FMVII.
  • Founded in 2008, FM is produced entirely by students at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture. By publishing content that both reflects and challenges UIC’s pedagogical agenda, FM acts as a vehicle to further the dialogue of the school among students, faculty, and the world at large. Operating through digital platforms, printed media, and social events, FM curates conversations to examine the role of architecture in today’s world.
    For the seventh issue of FM we have pursued the idea of collage, and by extension the ideas of decollage and bricolage. This idea interests us in several ways: as a representational technique with a specific history in art and architecture, as a conceptual underpinning for some current practices and as a genealogical approach to history; which is to ask how do architects cope with the anxiety of influence?
    Issue VII includes content by:
    Point Supreme, Sam Jacob, Paul Mosley & Jack Huang, Mike McKay, Tim Walser, Alexander Eisenschmidt, W.E. Barringer, Jester Pangs, Daniel Tudor Munteanu, Matthew Schneider & Alexander Petrkos, Salvatore Dellaria & Athanasiou Geolas, Andrew Holder, Alex Culler & Danny Travis, Chad Gordon, Julia Sedlock, Kaitlynn Redell, Frank Gossage, and Lyndsey Smith
    And interviews with:
    Pieterjan Ginckels, Marc Manack, and Michael Webb
    The content for Issue Seven is rigorous and full of energy. We are well into the process of editing and designing the final book, but we need your help to pay for paper, printing and distribution.
    We hope to use the highest quality materials in order to produce a journal the matches the quality of publication we are striving for, and the quality our contributors deserve. However, without your support the final printing and distribution of Issue Seven will be limited.
    FM is a forum for freshness in architecture. We hope that you share in our abiding love for ideas, and will support us in keeping these ideas crisp and cool.
  • Editing: Spencer McNeil
    Voiceover: Juan Suarez
    Script: Andrew Jennings and Spencer McNeil