Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange

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    The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange, a global campaign, celebrates the world’s best nightlife. Getting the word out with large media buys, people from 14 countries can post and view ideas as to what makes their country’s nightlife great. The most liked popular ideas then become part of a series of ‘nightlife exchanges’, allowing people to experience how different countries party.

    Creative Role / Sr. Interactive AD, Concept, Design
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  • Pandora listeners can select a customized Smirnoff Nightlife station per country and genre.
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  • Through homepage takeover and rich media banners, MixMag visitors are engulfed in a Smirnoff experience. Visitors can submit their own nightlife idea, view real time user interaction, or post ideas on Smirnoff's Facebook.
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  • With a Time Out media buy, we target users with an inside Smirnoff's Original Party Experience article, reveal the Smirnoff TV Spot, and drive to Smirnoff Nightlife Facebook for more info on the party.