Summer, an Island

  • What began as a series of experiments aimed at developing varied techniques at turned into a motion piece centered around the concept of Summer, but with a tense feeling of impending finality (Not doom).  

    Nostalgia and imminence are the main themes, instead of the typical "fun in the sun". There is a sadness about Summer that is usually omitted, fading in like a dream, making you aware of it's presence with it's hum in the night and waves of light and heat, once it begins, you know it's ending, like a Sunday. The warmth will turn cold but you'll always have memories of it's delights, excess, pain, smells and adventures. 

    Summer is an island between two seas, Spring and Autumn. 

    ​The aesthetic chosen was the result of the initial experiments, It all looks friendly, cute and warm but the music and the "glitches" are indicators of tension. 

  • The majority of the elements and resources where modeled in Cinema 4d using low poly techniques and After Effects for 2d Animation, The color palette, started with five warm summer  tones  but expanded to mid tones and the to a nocturnal version of the palette for what became the intro.
  •  Audio design was done on Garage band using just the basic synths and orchestral effects.