Herman Miller—Annual Report 2014

  • The Original Annual Report 2014 from Herman Miller
  • Herman Miller Annual Report: Look Around 2014

    To choose a company’s annual report and redesign it. Show the ability to follow the design language of the brand and establish a cohesive visual communication in typography, tables, and charts. The goal is to deconstruct the design language and reconstruct it into an integrated, newly envisioned annual report.

    The company that I chose was Herman Miller. It is not only a manufacturer in design field but also a well-credited company that contributes to introducing modernism to people’s lives by designing great furniture. I tried to keep the design and layout as simple as possible. The major challenge: considering every element in the spread and trying to subtract the component without functional purposes. The process of redesigning the annual report was very similar to learn from so many great designers who have work with Herman Miller. The project provided the opportunity to learn from many great designers as well as a sort of pilgrimage to a good company with great design.

  • A School Project at Academy of Art University
    Course—Type Systems
    Instructor—John Nettleton
    Category—Annual Report Design, Visual System, Data visualization
    Year— Fall 2014
    images & the original annual report is from:
    Jonathan Calugi