Superior Liquorice Co.

  • In a land far away flies the airship Superior Liquorice Co. manned by Captain Arthur and his trusty companion, Pip.  Join them as they whirl through this fantastical world discovering tasty liquorice treats and creatures beyond imagination.

    When we were asked to design a new, disruptive and distinctively Australian brand, we approached it as an exciting opportunity to develop something unique for the marketplace. The liquorice segment had long been held back by brands that played it safe and simply offered more of the same. Superior Liquorice represents a step in a new direction for the entire category.
  • Moodboards
    The key to finding the brand's identity was the exploration of turn of the century Australian brands. We followed the cues in the typography and illustration stylings to develop a new brand that still feels like it has deep roots in Australia.
  • Original moodboard – A visual description of Australian brands from the early 20th century
    Adventure Awaits...
    To capture a spirit of intrepid adventure, we developed a world for the brand's heroes to exist in. As they travel the world they encounter strange animals never before seen. Each animal is documented by our hero Captain Arthur through illustration and with a small anecdote about each beast.
    Captain Arthur's Diary Entries
    We detailed snippets of our hero's adventures through snippets of text, derived from the Captain's diary. Each snippet comes in the form of a short poem, inspired by the works of Dr. Seuss.
    Each pack incorporates all the elements we developed across all the different variantas, combining the detailed black imagery with vibrant colours for a final product that feels at once, historic and contemporary.
    The Website
    The aim of the website was to help engross the audience in the story behind Superior Liquorice Co. To this end, we decided on an unusual navigation method, whereby the audience is taken skyward along with Captain Arthur's airship on an adventure through the skies, past the Superior Animals and through a rain of liquorice treats.