• A Time to Eat Cake
    A Creative Collaborative Project by 826 Valencia, Miette and Katie King Rumford
  • I was lucky enough to be a design intern at 826 Valencia over the summer of 2011, and after a wonderful summer of projects, the Art Director asked if I would volunteer after my internship to work on this specific project. It was quite fitting considering my love for food and design.

    This book is a creative collaboration of the kids at 826 Valencia's after school program, Meg Ray at Miette and me. The challenge was to create a look and feel that reflected the enthusiasm and child-like nature of 826 Valencia and to combine it with the sophisticated luxury of Miette. This was the product of the collaboration. I illustrated and designed the book.

    The book can be found at the Pirate store in 826 Valencia as well as on Miette's website.
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