• Client
    Cantata Singers

    In 1964, a group of friends, colleagues and classmates came together with a common goal—to explore and perform music
    they were not hearing anywhere else, the cantatas of J.S. Bach. Since then, they organization has grown tremendously in size and followers, leading to a large choir performing at quarterly at Jordan Hall, Boston.

     The 50th Anniversary season served as a good moment to look back and redefine directions for the future. The redesign 
    of the visual identity was a way to embark this pivot moment and focus on attracting new generations to come discover 
    the cantatas of Bach.
  • Cantata Singers Inc. corporate materials.
  • Solution
    Cantata Singers, the singers of the cantatas, inspired for emphasizing the musicality in the word cantata: can ta ta. 
    This musicality is extended on the event materials by deconstructing scores performed during those concerts. It emphasizes rhythm and fun, while still being abstract and open for interpretation.
  • Program cover and event invitations. 6 x 9 in. 
    Left top: Program cover, combining graphics from all 5 season concerts.
  • Jordan Hall's (life size) marques poster.