The Impermanent Calendar

  • Assignment: Create a conceptual calendar that conveys the impermanence of time
  • Inspired by Anna Atkins' cyanotype prints
  • I wanted to use the sun itself to convey time, which is how I came across my experimental printing process. I first created the distorted typography for each month in photoshop and illustrator (base type Adobe Gurmukhi) and printed them on transparency. After, I applied InkoDye (sun sensitive ink) to sheets of Rives BFK. Then the trasparencies were laid on top of the ink and left outside in the sun for 15 minutes, or until the desired color was reached.
  • The parts that weren't shaded by the black typography turned a color from the sun; thus reaching my concept of impermanence
    If the pages were left outside longer, without the transparencies, the design would be gone for good.
  • The numbers fade in and out, to show that now will not be with us forever.
  • Small amounts of bleach were also used in addition to the InkoDye, to 'dissolve'  some of the color(time) away... Edges are rough to further convey impermanence.
  • Treasure each moment.