• For the past two months, I've been working on this project. I was asked to create a 30-second tv spot for a fictional or real product. I decided to avoid any copyrighted material and jumped at the chance to invent my own horror show. It's titled The Residence, and I'll explain why. 
    Set in the woodlands of nowhere, you, the viewer, are thrown into the first episode of the show with no explainantion as to why you're there. Throughout the course of the first season, you are on a journey of discovery and terror. You finally realize that you cannot escape the woodlands, but are in fact trapped, and must defeat the residents that reside in the woods. It's not until they are defeated that you can escape. The twist at the end of the season is that you realize that it's all fictional and that you were in a coma for the entire season, battling a mental illness. The woodlands were symbolic of your mind and you couldn't escape it without battling your inner demons, the residents.
    You took residence in your mind...
  • - and one more time, just for fun -