• ★ Winner of BassAwards 2016: Best Showreel.

    This is a montage of the best projects I worked on in the last year or two, when I've been mostly a full time animator at Buck LA. Of course, all due credit to that amazing team.

    The soundtrack for the montage is a piece of music called Fire At the San, composed by Rachel Portman & David Snell for the the movie The Road to Wellville. The soundtrack is for reference only, not for commercial purposes.

    For the intro and outro I used the Canter Typeface from the Fontfabric Type Foundry. It was designed by Christopher J. Lee, New York, USA.

    All projects directed by Buck, except for 0:03 and 1:06 (self-promotional) and 1:08 (directed by State Design).

    Thanks for watching!